High performance tires

Expertise that runs deep

You probably already know that it takes a lot to build tires that can handle everything a superpowered car can give. Michelin relies on 125 years of information gleaned from experience, both trackside and in the lab.

Our constant thirst for knowledge has placed us at the top for quality, performance, and innovation.

Over the years, we’ve learned to:

  • Select the most appropriate raw materials
  • Or invent them when needed

Find the right combination of materials, design and tire structure to bring out the best performance

Build tires flawlessly and ensure they are of the utmost quality with billions of miles of finely tuned testing.

The ongoing quest to push performance

  • 350 different fields of expertise, from scientists to engineers to test drivers
  • These different fields work together to devise the best solutions and innovations that push performance to the max

The result? Sheer exhilaration

What this means for you is that our knowledge base and expertise provide tires with uncompromising performance. Ones that last a long time, yet also grip better, stop better, steer better. Giving you the kind of ride you want.

See what drives us: