Skid Steer Loader & Other Equipment
Skid Steer Loader & Other Equipment
Airless Radial Tire 12N16.5  MSPN: 76642
Airless Radial Tire 12N16.5 MSPN: 76642

X® TWEEL® SSL All Terrain / 2-Piece Hub

  • Ideal for use on a broad range of surfaces.
  • Outstanding stability contributes to high machine productivity.
  • Unique spoke design helps reduce bounce and driver fatigue associated with pneumatic tires.
  • Consistent footprint with tread designed to last 2-3 times longer than a pnumatic tire at equal tread depth and capable of being retreaded.
  • Pair with an optional hub adapter to fit a wide range of equipment.
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Size: 12N16.5
MSPN: 76642
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Why a MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® Airless Radial Tire?

MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® SSL airless radial tire 2-piece hub models are available in two tread patterns: All Terrain and Hard Surface Traction. Both are capable of being retreaded (LEARN MORE). Paired with an OPTIONAL HUB ADAPTER of your choice, they are designed to fit a wide range of skid steer loaders and light construction equipment such as the Moffett M5500 Truck Mounted Fork Lift.

Typical Construction

Michelin X Tweel SSL All Terrain with 2-piece hub

Key Features

  1. Deep open tread (AT) designed for excellent cleaning and traction. A deep layer of undertread means the core can be retreaded again and again.
  2. Zero degree belts (under the tread) and proprietary design provide great lateral stiffness, while resisting damage and absorbing impacts.
  3. Michelin’s proprietary Comp10 Cable forms a semi-rigid “shear beam”, and allows the load to hang from the top.
  4. Unique 2-piece hub design accommodates insert adapters to fit a wide range of machines.
  5. High strength, poly-resin spokes carry the load and absorb impacts, help dampen the ride, and provide a unique energy transfer that reduces pneumatic bounce.


MSPN 76642
Max Load 4400
Tire Category Skid Steer Loader & Other Equipment
Tire Size 12N16.5
Hub Type SSL 2-Piece Hub
Tread Depth 31/32nds
Description X® TWEEL® SSL All Terrain / 2-Piece Hub
Tire Weight 226.0
Tread Type All Terrain
Undertread 12/32nds
Tweel mounting Warning
Please refer to Tweel Tech Bulletins for additional technical and mounting information.