Safe Driving

What information should you prepare before going?

The more prepared you are before coming to the dealer, the more assured you can be to find the right tire for your driving needs and have confidence in your purchase.

First, make sure you know what tire size is compatible with your vehicle using our Tire Selector tool, looking on your current tires, or in your vehicle’s manual or tire information door sticker.

See how to find my vehicle's tire size

Next, think about what you need your tires to be able to do for you: what weather or road conditions will you drive in, how you like to drive, etc.

  • If you’ve done all of this using our Tire Selector tool, you can easily print out your search information or send it to your cell phone/email. The information pack will have all the information on your search, your selected product, and other compatible alternatives.
See how to define your needs

5 questions to ask the dealer

  1. What type of tires do you recommend for my vehicle and my specific driving needs (weather conditions, types of roads, driving style, etc.)?
  2. For that type of tire, what specific product do you recommend?
  3. Why do you recommend this tire over others?
  4. Does its price include mounting and balancing?
  5. Are any other services included?
Availability and price
  • If a tire you’ve selected is not immediately available at your dealer, you can ask them to order it.
  • Remember that a good price does not always reflect good value: tires that lasts longer can help you save on fuel and help keep you safe, offering better value in the long run.