Zero Turn Radius Mower
Zero Turn Radius Mower
Airless Radial Tire 26x12N12XL 1.7 in MSPN: 75935
Airless Radial Tire 26x12N12XL 1.7 in MSPN: 75935

X® TWEEL® TURF XL 26", 10x8.5"

  • Designed specifically to fit the Mean Green EVO ZTR-74 mower.
  • Mean Green Part Number: MGUPN165. Available exclusively through Mean Green dealers.
  • Consistent hub height helps ensure the mower deck produces an even cut.
  • Excellent lateral stability on hillsides and sloped surfaces, and outstanding operator comfort, even when navigating over curbs and other bumps.
  • High performance compounds and an efficient contact patch designed to provide a long wear life that is 2-3 times that of a pneumatic tire at equal tread depth.
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Size: 26x12N12XL (1.7 in)
MSPN: 75935

Why a MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® Airless Radial Tire?

Typical Construction

Michelin X Tweel Turf for Zero Turn Radius Mowers

Key Features

  1. Tread design optimized to mimimize turf damge while providing excellent traction and a long service life
  2. Zero degree belts (under the tread) and proprietary design provide great lateral stiffness, while resisting damage and absorbing impacts
  3. Michelin’s proprietary Comp10 Cable™ forms a semi-rigid “shear beam”, and allows the load to hang from the top
  4. Heavy-duty hubless design fits the Mean Green EVO ZTR-74 mower
  5. High strength, poly-resin spokes carry the load and absorb impacts, help dampen the ride, and provide a unique energy transfer that reduces pneumatic bounce


MSPN 75935
Max Load 1031
Tire Category Zero Turn Radius Mower
Tire Size 26x12N12XL
Hub Color Black
Bolt Pattern 10x8.5 in
Description X® TWEEL® TURF XL 26", 10x8.5"
Tire Weight 55.9
Tweel Type X-Tweel Turf
Offset 1.7 in
Tweel mounting Warning
Please refer to Tweel Tech Bulletins for additional technical and mounting information.