MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® Family of Products for Turf Care

Michelin Tweel airless radial tires for turf care

MICHELIN TWEEL Tires for Zero Turn Radius Mowers

  • No flat tires or unseated beads!
  • Consistent hub height
  • Excellent lateral stability
  • Outstanding operator comfort
  • Designed to last 2-3X longer than a pneumatic tire
  • Available for all major mower brands
  • Black and Yellow hubs available depending on mower brand
Michelin Tweel tires for ZTR mowers
Michelin Tweel casters for zero turn radius mowers

MICHELIN TWEEL Casters for All Mower Brands

  • For use on zero turn radius mowers
  • No flat tires or unseated beads!
  • Integrated metal center hub with OEM quality sealed bearings
  • Helps create suspension-like characteristics for the front of the mower
  • Grooved and smooth tread options available


John Deere mower with Tweel tires
Scag stand on mower with Tweel tires
Grasshopper mower with Tweel tires
Kubota mower with Tweel tires

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