Zero Turn Radius Mower
Zero Turn Radius Mower
Airless Radial Tire 24x12N12 -0.75 in MSPN: 89064
Airless Radial Tire 24x12N12 -0.75 in MSPN: 89064

X® TWEEL® TURF 24", 4x4"

  • Consistent hub height helps ensure the mower deck produces an even cut.
  • Excellent lateral stability on hillsides and sloped surfaces, and outstanding operator comfort, even when navigating over curbs and other bumps.
  • High performance compounds and an efficient contact patch designed to provide a long wear life that is 2-3 times that of a pneumatic tire at equal tread depth.
  • For mowers with a 54" or 60" mower deck.
  • NOTE: MSPN 50357 is an aftermarket equivalent for this product.
This product is not available for purchase online.
Please see your local John Deere turf dealer to purchase Tweel Turf tires with a yellow hub. Many of the same sizes with a black hub are also available for purchase from this website or through the Michelin dealer network.
Size: 24x12N12 (-0.75 in)
MSPN: 89064

Why a MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® Airless Radial Tire?

Typical Construction

Michelin X Tweel Turf for Zero Turn Radius Mowers

Key Features

  1. Tread design optimized to minimize turf damge while providing excellent traction and a long service life.
  2. Zero degree belts (under the tread) and proprietary design provide great lateral stiffness, while resisting damage and absorbing impacts.
  3. Michelin’s proprietary Comp10 Cable™ forms a semi-rigid “shear beam”, and allows the load to hang from the top.
  4. Heavy gauge steel hub designed to fit on a variety of popular mowers.
  5. High strength, poly-resin spokes carry the load and absorb impacts, help dampen the ride, and provide a unique energy transfer that reduces pneumatic bounce.


MSPN 89064
Max Load 750
Tire Category Zero Turn Radius Mower
Tire Size 24x12N12
Hub Color Yellow
Bolt Pattern 4x4 in
Tread Depth 12/32nds
Description X® TWEEL® TURF 24", 4x4"
Tire Weight 47.7
Tweel Type X-Tweel Turf
Offset -0.75 in
Tweel mounting Warning
Please refer to Tweel Tech Bulletins for additional technical and mounting information.